UGC Schemes

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D.N Swami
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UGC is authorised for coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university and college education in our country. It gives funds to our universities, colleges and other organizations of higher education. In this book various schemes of funding to universities and colleges in XI Plan are discussed in a simple and detailed way for the benefit of students,teachers and research scholars. The latest rules relating to NAAC are also explained in detail in this book. The new guidelines of NET updated up to 2008
are also discussed. The UGC is not responsible in any way for the information given in this book. For latest and up-to-date information about the UGC schemes please see the official documents of UGC.

This book is mainly based on the extracts of different schemes of funding for universities and colleges provided in XI Five Year Plan. It is hoped that this book will be useful to our students, teachers,
principals and librarians to know new schemes of higher education given in XI Plan.

• Thrusts and Priorities During XI Plan
• New Scheme of OBC Reservation, Proposal for General Development Grants
• Visiting Committees to Assess University for XI Plan, Simplified Proforma for Electing XI Plan, UGC/AICTE Review Committee
• Performance of University During Previous Five Year Plan
• Simplified Proforma for Review of X Plan for Colleges
• Selection of Colleges under CPE Scheme
• Qualifications for Appointment and Career Advancement
• Simplified Proforma in which Profile of Teachers be Maintained in the Colleges Every Year
• Simple Format of Performance Appraisal Report-I Self Appraisal
• Simple Format of Performance Appraisal Report II
• UGC (Admission to Specified Professional Programmes) Interim Regulations
• Rules for Special Assistance Programme
• Evaluation of SAP/COSIST Programmes
• Simplified Format for Inviting Proposal for Fresh Induction Under SAP-(DRS)
• Simplified Proforma for Seeking Additional Grants for Purchasing
Approved Equipments Due to Escalation in Foreign Exchange Rate
• Subject Committee Meeting for Scrutinizing and Short Listing of the New Proposals
• Report of Expert Committee for Induction
• Progress Report of Expenditure
• Utilization Certificate
• Progress Report of Review under SAP
• Recommendations of Mid-Term Review
• Final Review of SAP, Release of Grants for State Universities
• Claim for Maintenance
• Faculty Development
• National Eligibility Test (NET), New Rules About Net
• Rules for Private University
• Minority Education Institutes
• Assessment and Accreditation by NAAC
• Rules for Women’s Studies Centre
• Rules for Special Cell for SC and ST
• Rules for Remedial Coaching for SC & ST
• Rules for Innovative Programmes
• Rules for Minor Research Projects
• Rules for Major Research Projects
• Concept of SET/SLET
• Role of UGC in Higher Education
• Post-Graduate Merit Scholarship
• Research Fellowship in Sciences for Meritorious Students
• UNESCO-L’ORÉAL Co-Sponsored Fellowships for Young Women in Life
Sciences - 2009
• Post-Doctoral Fellowships (PDFs)
• Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child
• Visit of Indian Scientists to Germany under the UGC-DAAD Exchange
• Application for a Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship, Rules for Part-Time Research Associateship for Women
• Rules for Research Awards
• Rules for Junior Research Fellowship and Associateships
• Rules for Emeritus Fellowship
• Rules for Visiting Professors or Visiting Fellows
• Rules for Visiting Associateship
• Rules for Epoch Making Social Thinkers on India
• Rules for Junior Fellowship in Engineering
• Rules for Junior Fellowship in Arts, Science and Commerce
• Index.

D.N. Swami has long experience of working in the field of higher education in our country. He is closely associated with universities for over 35 years as a faculty and has held various administrative posts. He is actively engaged in teaching, training, research and editing activities.

D.N. Swami has always been a popular teacher and administrator. His painstaking preparation, systematic and methodical presentation to highlight the main points of his lectures have given students, teachers and college lecturers a pleasant experience. His quiet competence and amiable disposition have won him many friends and admirers in teaching community.

The Editor has vast experience in the field of teaching and research. He has conducted extensive research of different subjects and has written 85 books. He has to his credit 125 articles and research papers.