SATENDRA NANDAN A Critical Response

SATENDRA NANDAN A Critical Response
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Dr. Mahesh Jani
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Nandan enjoys the reputation of contributing significantly to the variety and scope of the literature of the South Pacific. He possesses unparallel mastery over the technical skill and language. The important aspect of his fictional world is his characterization and use of language through which he depicts the Indian outlook and Fijian fervor. He marvellously captures the indenture Indians’ conflict and dilemma, their sorrows and sufferings. Nandan is a diasporic writer. Diaspora or expatriation is a novel theme in modern literature. It suggests the search for the self, of character, roots or identity or the existence of ‘I’. The diasporic experience of exile and rootlessness involves deep personal predicament and nostalgia. These elements are also repeatedly discussed in all his works. All the books of Dr. Satendra Nandan reveal the diasporic sensibility and identity quest. Because he possesses a complex identity of an expatriate, a twice–uprooted intellectual, so it is natural that the study of his technique and style will seek to trace the reflection of a way of thinking, looking at the world around him at the Indian life and culture. Nandan’s style is simple, lucid, straight forward and sometimes aphoristic. In his fiction The Wounded Sea, his ideology and thoughts seem to govern his narrative style and characters. In this book, I have tried to show that Diaspora and diasporic consciousness plays a significant role in the formation of a writer’s identity, life, career and writing. Dr. Satendra Nandan, whose academic career and literary achievement can be seen as an indispensible part of the socio-political changes, it is also a part of a generation that had to suffer immense problems that resulted from racism and colonialism. The critical study of his diasporic consciousness in his works reveals how the diasporic sensibility or the trope of uprootedness can not only becomes a very useful tool for the self-expression but also becomes an exclusive analysis of the diasporic spaces, in Fiji. In this sense, Nandan not only describes his own personal saga from a village boy to a parliamentarian but also describes forgotten voyage of the Girmitiyas.


Dr. Mahesh Jani is at present working as an Assistant Professor and Principal at Shree B.D.S.Arts, Science and Commerce College, Patan, Gujarat. He has put in more than ten years of active teaching. He is teaching English language and literature. His area of interest is Indian writing in English, Indian Diaspora and diasporic literature. He has participated and presented research papers in many national and international seminars, workshops and conferences. He is also the writer of books entitled, “Inheritance of Indenture: Satendra Nandan”, and “Literature and Literary Aspects”.