Modern Management Accounting (Theory and Practice)

Book Author: 
DR. A.K. Phophalia
Price: Rs.995.00

The importance of Management Accounting is increasing due to employment of professional managers in business and industry. The significance of management accounting can hardly be neglected when decision relating to profit, production, sales, marketing and fixed assets are taken.

In the present book each and every aspect of management accounting is discussed in a separate chapter. This book provides readers all that a very experienced and able professor can do. Main features of this book may be briefly summed up as follows :

1. It is a complete book on the subject covering the entire syllabus prescribed by UGC, not leaving even the smallest portion.
2. It is written in simple language to be easily understood and followed.
3. Chapters are arranged in the most appropriate sequence without omitting even the slightest detail.
4. The book is a product of combined efforts of long experience and most up to date innovative approach of the author.
The book is useful to B.Com., M.Com., B.B.A., M.B.A., C.A., ICWA and C.S. students.

Dr. A.K. Phophalia is teaching in the Department of Accountancy and Business Statistics, University of Rajasthan Jaipur since September 1976. He is a prolific writer and has more than 16 books to his credit and has contributed more than 20 research papers and articles to reputed journals as well as in various seminars and conferences. He taught Management Accounting to M.Com., and B.Com. classes for over 31 years.