Mathematics And Statistics For Economics

Book Author: 
Dr. G.L. Jain
Price: Rs.1,150.00

The book is a detailed study of each and every important aspect of subject. Each aspect is discussed in a systematic and rational manner. The important objectives of writing this book is to equip the reader with enough fundamental issues relating to different aspect of the subject. Important features of this book are as follows:

1. This book contains a wealth of information about different techniques of subject.
2. The book covers every aspect of this important subject including the conceptual framework of the subject.
3. The method of presentation has ensured that a somewhat dry and difficult subject has been made extremely interesting and easy to understand.
4. The theoretical discussion throughout the text has been simplified and polished, so that the student gets an insight into logic behind the concepts and procedures.
5. Every chapter has been very carefully graded.
6. Apart from its extensive coverage and lucid presentation, the strength of the book lies in its Indian background.

Due to above salient features, it is an outstanding book for B.A., B.Com., B.B.A., M.A., M.Com., M.B.A. students, research scholars, university teachers and college lecturers.

About the Author:

Dr. G.L. Jain has taught in many colleges of Rajasthan Government. He passed M.Com. and Ph.D. examinations from university of Rajasthan, Jaipur. At present he is teaching in Government Girls College, Tonk.

Dr. Jain is a prolific writer, and has a number of books to his credit and has contributed many research papers to reputed journals as well as to various seminars and conferences.