Marketing In 21st Century

Book Author: 
DR. P.D Saini
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In modern time marketing is much more important than production. The marketing is most popular subject among modern managers. In its nature and content it is not new Subject but it is a blend of advertising, sales and various laws relating to marketing. In this book, a sincere attempt has been made to provide and elegant epigram or an eye catching scenario of marketing. The book is meant for B.Com., B.B.A., M.Com., and M.B.A. students of Indian Universities.

About the Author:
Dr. P.D Saini is M.Com, M.Phil and Ph.D from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. At present he is working as lecturer in Saini Commerce College, Jaipur. He is a prolific writer and has 12 books to his credit. More than 23 research papers have been published in Indian and Foreign Journals. He is closely associated with many academic and educational institutions.