Lala Lajpat Rai - A Biographical Sketch

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Dr. Ranjeet Singh
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ISBN : 978-93-5032-020-4, YEAR – 2012, RS. 1150
Lajpat Rai, whose name is associated with the struggle for Indian independence, social reform movements, philanthropic activities, Hindu revivalist movement and Indian Socialism, was born at a time when the country was held, for the first time, under a foreign. Politically, India was subjugated; economically, she was dragged along a path of poverty, bankruptcy and drain; socially, she was under a renaissance and awakening; and morally, she had lost every thing when reactions came to an end because India had succumbed to an unjustified faith in British justice, leadership and government.
In short, India was left in name only for the reason that for all practical purposes she had become a hunting ground for the British. India was passing through a peculiar historical situation. Foreign exploitation was bleeding her white-she had lost her moorings, her capacity to think and act. Whenever such a crisis came, there came up an ‘individual’, who put her on her feet’. Ram was born to save India from the demons; Krishna saved the degenerating generations by his new philosophy of ‘Karma or Action’; then came Chanakya with Chandragupta who united India and gave her a strong centralised administra¬tion.
When Buddhism and Ashok’s policy of Ahimsa brought the downfall, again, a man in Samudra Gupta united India under the Guptas. The Middle Ages witnessed the crusades of Muslims and the Mughals. But Maharana Pratap and Sivaji stemmed the rot and saved the culture and distinctive personality of India. To face upto the British challenge, India gave birth to a galaxy of great men like Lajpat Rai, Tilak and Gandhi who made history. Lajpat Rai gave to the country a new concept of values and patriotic urges which inspired the people to rise as one man.
Lajpat Rai was born in a middle class family. He became great by his deeds, his capacity to think and make sacrifices for the cause of the country. Wherever he went, he went with a mission; ‘How to free India from the foreign yoke?’ He did not hesitate to tell other nations the shame and agony of a conquered race. This won him admiration and support from the people of other countries. Lajpat Rai’s title to greatness lies in the fact that he was a man of independent thinking. He neither imposed his views on others nor gave up his line of action, though he always believed that life was a mission and politics a flexible thing. With this attitude of mind he was able to make a common cause with per¬sons of such divergent views and opinion as Tilak, Gokhale and Gandhi.

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Dr. Ranjit Singh is an eminent scholar, well known writer and analyst. He has contributed large number of research papers in national and international journals. He has organized and participated in number of national conferences and seminars. He is closely associated with many academic and educational institutions. At present he is working in S.V. Educational Sankul, Jaipur.