Indian Agricultural Development

Book Author: 
DR. D.L Jain
Price: Rs.895.00

The book is a modern approach to know agricultural activities of our economy. The book studies the subject from the economist view point and stresses the latest development in agriculture in our country. The special feature of this book are :
1. This book is written in such a manner that it looks like a beginner's book and assumes no prior knowledge of subject.
2. It has been written in an analytical and lucid manner, so that readers may follow it step by step without any difficulty.
3. The subject matter has been developed in a very clear, concise, lucid and intelligible manner.
4. The book was prepared after constant endeavor by the author during 2005 to 2009 for post graduate students.
The book is designed primarily for the B.A., B.Com., M.A., and M.Com., students of Indian universities.

Dr. G.L. Jain has taught in many colleges of Rajasthan Government. He passed M.Com. and Ph.D. examinations from university of Rajasthan, Jaipur. At present he is teaching in Government Girls College, Tonk.

Dr. Jain is a prolific writer, and has a number of books to his credit and has contributed many research papers to reputed journals as well as to various seminars and conferences.