Human Resource Management

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This book brings together current knowledge of HRM. It explores the complexities of the issues challenges thrown up by contemporary HRM practices in the India. It also attempts to ascertain whether or
not the competing and complement any explanations provided for HRM are adequate or not. The book also offers examples of government action that has been taken for development of employees. The important merits of this book are :

1. Large numbers of case studies are given.
2. The book elaborates how employees representation has led to the current system of HRM.
3. The chapters in this book provide insights into the complex and dynamic relationships that exist between employee and employers.
4. Subject matter of the book is useful and thought provoking compendium ends with a great restatement of the need for new conceptions of development. The book is useful to B.Com., B.B.A., M.Com., and M.B.A. students of our universities.

About the Author:

G.R. Basotia started his career as Commercial Manager after taking his master’s degree. Very soon his reputation as an original thinker in the field of commerce and management was established. At present he is working as Director in Kanco Overseas, Ahmedabad.

Shri Basotia is closely associated with many academic bodies. His areas of specialization are finance, accounting, economics and management. He has to his credit a number of books in the field of commerce and management. He is a member of All India Commerce Association, All India Accounting Association and Rajasthan Accounting Association.