Dairy Industry and Development (A Performance Appraisal)

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Dr. Arvind M. Patel
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The author has worked for his doctoral degree on this important topic. He has selected a vital problem of ascertaining the financial aspect of the District Cooperative Milk Unions of Gujarat State by appraising the financial performance of the Dairy Industry of Gujarat, which has been developed in Co-operative Sector. A critical study is carried on taking all financial and operation aspect to measure financial performance. The techniques of analyzing financial statement viz., Common Size Statement and Value Added Statements, Ratio Analyses have been used properly.

The author believes that the work will prove very useful for all who are interested in studying the financial as well as operational efficiency of Co-operative Dairy Units, at national level. The application of statistical techniques to the study adds further to the value of the book and makes it an interesting reading. The author hopes that the work will prove a good piece of literature under subject on which suitable literature is quite deficient. The book will be useful to the prospective researchers, students and teachers in the field of Commerce and Management.