Business Statistics

Book Author: 
Prof. M.O Kamothi
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 This book is designed according to the revised common core syllabus of B.Com. course structure of all the Universities of India.
 This book serves as standard text book for B.Com. and M.Com. students.
 The book contains a large variety of methods of solving problems along with clear explanation.
 For every model a detailed explanation with sufficient number of examples are given.
 The peculiar feature of this book is that a large variety of illustrations are given under every heading.
 Sufficient number of problems and theory questions are given for students to practice.
 The book will be a great help to the students who wish to appear for competitive examinations.
 The book covers theory part and the subject is presented in such a way that the students can understand the concepts through self study.


Prof. N.O. Kamothi is M.Com (A.A.A.) & LLB. He is working as a Senior Professor in Commerce Accountancy and Statistics in Jasani Arts & Commece College, Rajkot. He is also Head of the Business Management Department. He achieved second rank in U.G.C. Seminar at Saurastra University. He is a Co-author of B.Com., M.Com. Degree text books. He has also contributed in the books on Financial Accounting, Cost Accountancy, Business Statistics, Business Management, Marketing Management, Corporate Accountancy, etc., published by some renowned publications. He always tried to keep himself updated in the field of his specialization. He has published a number of research articles and presented several papers in state and national level seminars.